When A WordPress Site Just Isn’t Good Enough

Technology bridges a lot of gaps in today’s era. Technological advancement had been very important and vital which allows people to connect more efficiently and easily. Even they’re a world apart, it allows people to be connected.

In the field of business, technology paired with an internet connection had been vital in boosting a different kind of business. It allows people to connect more efficiently and find the right product for them. The market reach with this kind of business has expanded allowing a lot of people to find what they are looking for.

Search engine optimization is one of those that had been very vital to expand the market reach of people. This allows them to find the product and business easier. On the marketing side, the business can be advertised 24/7 which allows for the efficiency of data communication. This enhances in traffic allows people to find more suitability in their business.

Another is the WordPress site, which is also vital in the world of advertisement. This kind of site falls under CMS or content management systems. This site allows you more reliability in the field of business.

WordPress focuses on the blog-type way of advertisement. However, a lot of people frowns upon lately with the idea of WordPress, especially that there are a lot of seemingly good sites that had sprouted.

Let us know why and find out. Here is the list.

Web Design.  Website design is very necessary to attract people. This is how most people would look and attract their attention. Sites like, WordPress, Template Monster, and Evanto utilizes a design which is called Theme. It is a built-in design in this kind of site. You can change the font style, colors, templates, and even the widget.

Yes, this may come in cheap and ideal for starters, however, one fallback is that it may not be suitable and ideal for your character.

Web Functionality. WordPress, utilizes the conventionality of plugins, however, though they may look harmless, they can slow down your page if multiple of these are downloaded and utilized.

Frequent Upgrades. Upgrades are good especially for open-source kind of software. This allows constant improvement. Is this good? Yes. However, though it may seem harmless, with upgrades it can break and stop certain functionality. This can be a hassle on your part.

Vulnerable to Hacking and Weak Security. The most common CMS in the world is WordPress, but it is also prone to hacking and even spam attacks. Even though you can strengthen security measures, there are a lot of factors that can still infiltrate through it.

It’s Not Always Smart To Trust An SEO Company To Build Your Website

A lot of people would often say that getting a Search Engine Optimization Company (SEO) is not a good idea. Well, skeptics do exist for a reason. And it is always good that people have differences in ideas that can proper them to think and weigh things.

Search engine optimization had been very rampant for small business entrepreneurs and big companies as well. SEO tries to increase website traffic through the proper use of keywords. What else do they do? Pretty simple, SEO is can do the following:

  • It allows improvement in your website.
  • Keywords are utilized for research that enhances traffic.
  • Knowing your competitor and the competition you are getting into.
  • Search optimization is enhanced.
  • It boosts the link share and equity.

Now knowing all this, it will make you think that indeed SEO is won’t hurt you and your business. It can do more good than harm. Now, here are the different reasons why it is good to trust and to SEO company when building your website.

Benefits of Getting an SEO

1. The return on investment is improved. Finding the right SEO to boost your income is necessary. The utilization of search engines is vital so that proper traffic can be made. Most often, getting an SEO company often increases their ROI by 13-15%. In business language, this interest is necessary and valuable.

2. Credibility boosting thru search engines. When you check and search thru the internet, people would often find the first page of the browser are complete, valid, and trustworthy. A good search engine company will land your website on the first few pages and they must. Hence. Most search engine optimization companies are hypercritical of reviews because these enhance website credibility.

3. Quality traffic thru SEO. One of the very reasons why a lot of people nowadays shy away from traditional trafficking si because SEO helps them acquire a good quality of traffic for their website. This allows your target end consumer or audience to easily find your website.

4. Reliable and Valid means of measuring your success rate. Search engines can give you good quantitative measurement which can be a good predictor of how you fair in the market.

5. A 24/7 business service promotion. Connecting with users is very vital in the digital world. Remember, that with social media and the internet, people would be the ones who would be looking for you.

So do you still not trust SEO companies?

How Much Should A Company Spend On Web Design?

Nowadays, most businesses are going online for visual promotion especially if the company can deliver anywhere in the world. In addition to this, because of what is happening right now, every business tends to transact online as much as possible. Being safe while continuing work is the highest priority for everyone.

Are you looking for a team that can help you out when it comes to building your website? Do you have a little bit of an idea of what is web design task and how much is it? These are the common questions from business owners who wanted to use the web as an opportunity to bring their products and services closer to their clients and customers.

What is the purpose of getting your business a website?

For traditional businesses, they may hesitate to get a team to start a website. According to statistics, there are approximately 60% of business owners who registered their businesses online or creating a web design and small business owners are planning to register theirs as soon as possible. There is an upward trend of website registration in the year 2020 as a response to the pandemic situation. People tend to transact online and conduct their business everything using a computer or a smartphone. In addition to this, experts forecasted that it can be the new normal for all the businesses.

The expenses you need to settle when hiring a web design team

Whether you are running a business that operates offline, you still need a website for your customer to have something to check. A lot of businesses have been getting their sales quota with the help of the website and other online platforms. Also, when it comes to handling customer’s feedback, complaints, or follow-ups, the website is easy to access for them. 

When it comes to designing, launching and other things to be accomplished in creating a website, it usually starts from 10 000 – 12 000 USD. In addition to launching, you may need the same team to maintain your website to remove any bugs or any improvement that needs to be done. Depending on the design, you can always find the right team that handles everything. 

You can always shop online and see the best and trusted web designer for your business. Also, you might need more services, especially if you have a target with sales. For new businesses, working double time in marketing is necessary to attract more consumers.

Web Design For Ecommerce: User Experience Is Critical

When it comes to shopping, there are a lot of people around the world who prefer doing it online. It is proven that introverted people tend to stay away from crowded malls and just enjoy surfing online to shop for clothes, shoes, and other stuff that they want or need. Also, people who have less time to go to the malls or stores choose to use their phones or computers for shopping. It is easier, convenient and lots of discounts can always be found.

Create a website for your e-commerce business

If you are running a store or selling clothes and other items, you definitely need a team to handle your web design for ecommerceAccording to the statistics and studies, there is a steady upward trend in the numbers of people buying online. It is climbing and keeps on moving upward. In fact, there are approximately 2 million buyers online who keep on purchasing goods or even availing services. Since the demand is higher every year, a lot of businesses are creating websites.

The purpose and benefit of an e-commerce website

After launching your website, you should not stop there. Hiring a team to create and launch your company’s website is just the first step. When you find a team to do the web design for eCommerce and you trust them, you should continue working with them for your website’s maintenance and improvements. Having a website is just one thing, and making it attractive and user-friendly is another thing.

There’s a study created by a famous website about how people react when they encounter an unattractive website. According to the survey, 38% of users online tend to leave or exit from the website if it is unattractive.

Here are the things that you need to think about before launching your website.

  • The purpose of the website is to connect with the customers. When you are building a connection to your customers and prospects, you have to make it convenient, easy to navigate, and friendly. These are the things that need to be accomplished before launching a website.
  • The next thing you need to understand is the benefits of creating a website. One of the benefits is to get feedback from your consumers so that you can give them what they need by improving the services or adding certain products. The website itself should be calming. Create a website that looks warm yet professional.

If You Have A Website, It Had Better Be Mobile-Friendly

Having a website is great in connecting to your customers or even possible clients in the future. Once your website is swarmed by many users online, your sales will rise. Also, when the customer’s complaints and follow-ups are being entertained efficiently, people will recommend your business to their friends. The only thing you need to think about at this point is how you would make the website even better?

The importance of smartphones today

After Steve Jobs created a smartphone, the sale of various brands of smartphones keeps on increasing year after year. Based on statistics, there are over 5 billion mobile phone users around the world in the year 2019. Among these 5 billion phone users, there are over 2 billion who are using smartphones. Almost half of it uses its phone to access apps and websites online. Imagine if even a fraction of these numbers visits your website in a day? You will be counting sales day by day.

The importance of smartphones to people is crucial because we use them almost all the time. From calling our family and friends, for payment transactions, for online banking, and a lot more, we always use our phones. This is why every company needs to create a mobile-friendly website that anyone can visit without any delays. Some websites are not friendly when opened using a smartphone. It would be a big disappointment for many customers, especially when they need to check something on your website while they are on the train going home or when they are in the office working.

A busy working mom needs her phone all the time to check with her kids, and when her kids need something, she can check it out online and buy it right away. Imagine yourself caught in traffic, and you need to check something online but the only gadget you have with you is your phone? You would appreciate it if the website you are opening is not lagging. Instead, it opens instantaneously and easily. 

Making a website mobile-friendly is one of the best gifts you can give to your customers. Also, it will be easier for them to show it to their friends when they are talking about your company. They can just bring out their smartphone from their purse, and with a few clicks, your website is up and open for the world to see.

Is Shopify Good Enough If You’re Building A Web Store?

When it comes to a website for e-commerce, the experience of a customer is crucial. Once one customer is happy, the next day you have more online buyers. According to psychology studies regarding human behavior towards products or services, when one person experiences a good service or product, she or he will spread the word to 3 family members or friends. However, when one customer is unhappy or unsatisfied, he or she will tell 10 of his friends or family members.

In the past, customers will just blabber about their experience whether it is good or bad over a coffee with friends. On the other hand, today that we are all using mobile phones and can easily connect to various social media platforms, venting about frustrations or bad experiences can make a huge impact on the business. This is why many business owners tend to check various websites that can provide them the best. Just like Shopify wherein, approximately 800 thousand businesses are using it. 

The advantage of getting a website for your e-commerce business

When it comes to transacting a business online, you have to have a website that you can trust to do all your operations. However, before engaging these websites, you have to know the pros and cons for you to weigh things if it does more good to the company or not. Read about the following to get more ideas about Shopify.

  • When it comes to customer satisfaction, you can always rely on this website since they receive the highest satisfaction rate as far as the features of the website is concerned. However, as a seller or business owner, the website has its service fee. However, if you use their payment service which you need to register and set up, they can waive the fees for you.
  • The highly organized inventory system. As a business owner, you want all your items to be sorted out systematically. The good thing about the application is that they manage the inventory satisfactorily. It gives the business owner tremendous help in this area. One downside of the application is when you change the theme on your store, the content input will not be reset automatically. You have to manually do it again.
  • The use of social media. When you use this website for your e-commerce business, you will be glad to know that your store will be connected to the social media giants such as Facebook and Instagram.

Do You Need A Web Developer To Create Your Company Website?

With continuing advancements in technology, people have become much more adept at the use of systems and devices that can improve their lives and broaden their experiences. That’s made it more important than ever to make device use easy and user-friendly.

One of the most vital aspects of this development is the need for a modern website, since websites play an essential role in reaching and satisfying consumers. 

Starting a Website

  • Establish your business. When you are creating a website, the first thing in your mind is to check your business and what are necessary things that you want to includes which is, but not limited to:
  • Your business
  • Your target consumers
  • The product you are selling
  • Finding the right domain and a secure host on the web. This is necessary to protect you from any fraud and mishaps. Another thing also is to increase traffic in your site and optimize the use of search engines.
  • Mobile use. Remember that most people can connect to the internet thru their mobile phones, hence, you need to create a website that would friendly and suitable for mobile phones.

That will bring us to our main issue, whether it is a good idea to hire a web developer. It seems that people with knowledge and knows how to research website development can set up this kind of structure. Well, the answer is it depends. 

So here are the things that you must remember if you need one:

  • You have a budget. When you are starting a business it is always necessary to shell out money. However, you must consider the depth of your financial aspect. If you have an extra penny to use in hiring a website developer that would be the most plausible idea. On the other hand, if you know how to develop a website on your own and you do not have enough budget, then go on and do the task. 
  • Building a website with a web developer may take some time. If you are much willing to wait and it’s a no rush, then it would be good. Some developers have a lot of projects under their sleeves, hence it may take some time before they can perform your request.
  • You do not want to stress yourself about technical or design issues yourself. 

Hence, taking all this in mind, you have to weigh weight if you need one.